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Peloton Digital App

Bring LIVE Spinning class videos direct to your home for that extra real-time motivational workout experience:
– 30+ World class workout trainers live from NYC & London studios.
– Be part of a live spinning class. Join a regular spinning community.
– Free 30 Day Trial.
– Connected Health compatible Bike Exercise App.


Live & On-demand At-Home Exercise Bike Workout videos / Spinning Bike Workout Class videos on your smartphone, tablet or TV.

Get the real-time motivational experience of a LIVE or on-demand exercise bike | spinning class video from the convenience of your own home gym anytime you want. Bring the live gym studio experience to your home gym without the commute time and benefit form immersing yourself in fully live, encore classes & replays of classes available on iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet, Amazon Fire TV and web. Compatible with Chromecast and AirPlay. Use the on-demand / encore workout class feature to give you 24 hr fitness class schedule for you to access anytime, anywhere.

>Select your spinning class or workout class by workout trainer, by workout music you love, convenient to your workout schedule.

Choose from 30+ inspiring world class instructors / workout trainers to guide you with great workout music to reach your individual fitness goals streamed from live studio workouts at Peleton NYC & London Studios. Join a live spinning class with a workout trainer that really motivates you and workout music that energizes you.

>Guided Spinning Workout Programs / Workout Plans

Expertly designed workout programs to help you reach your best results from 4 to 18-weeks long, regularly sweating your way to get in shape, burning calories and reducing your body fat percentage BMI. Choose from 15 minute workouts, High intensity Interval training / Hiit workouts or Cardio workouts and more.

>Exercise workouts to engage your core, abs, glutes, legs muscle groups all at once.

Change the shape of your body, get in shape or tone up with your spinning class, exercising legs, exercising abs, exercising your core and exercising butt/glutes.

>Join a Community from your own home.

Be motivated by the Community to hit your fitness goals. Be part of a live ride. Enjoy the challenge of riding with others. Find and follow other Peleton Members to see who’s taking workout class with you, or who loves the same instructor or enjoys the same music.

>Free 30 Day Trial to find your favourite workout classes to get the best results.

Access the full library of live and on-demand workout classes for spinning.

>To get started you can use your own exercise bike.

Use your own exercise bike / spinning bike if you don’t have a Peloton Bike. Become a Digital Member to enjoy the workout classes with your own exercise bike.

>Apple Health compatible

Sync your workouts to Health App to see a complete picture of your daily activity.

>Enhance the immersive experience by purchasing specialised Peloton bike (sold separately)

Buy the peloton bike for the complete immersive experience of being part of a live class with spinning workout metrics taken directly from the spinning bike for cadence, resistance, power output in watts. Additionally connect your Bluetooth-enabled heart rate monitor and/or cadence sensor to view your live metrics whenever you are in class.

>More than just a spinning app, try other new body workouts classes and exercise routines.

Discover all the workouts you need to fulfill your personal fitness goals, including treadmill running, Bootcamp, Meditation, Yoga and more for full body fitness.

>Look Inside the Spinning App & Workout App

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