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Discover Smart Home Health & Empower Better Home Care Digitally.

Connected & Intelligent Blood Glucose Meter

– Advanced Artificial Intelligence Blood Sugar /Blood Glucose Level Forecasting Empowering Better Diabetes Management Decisions

– See your A1C lower within weeks.

– Diabetes app & bluetooth enabled smartphone / Apple Watch compatible device.

– Coaching Support with Certified Diabetes Experts with monthly packages/plan


Use Smart Diabetes Glucometer for better Diabetes Lifestyle & Diabetes Medications choices.

Understand how to effectively improve, stabilize & control Blood Sugar levels yielding reductions in Average Blood Glucose Level A1C over 3 month period, High Blood Glucose Events, Hyperglycaemic events, Hypoglycaemic events.


>Advanced AI Blood Sugar /Blood Glucose Level Forecasting Empowering Decisions

Proprietary technology ensures clinically proven accurate, personalized decision Support, providing suggestions on food & exercise to keep blood sugars levels within normal range lowering overall A1C.

>Diabetes Diet, Meal & Food Planning Assistance & Decision Support

The One Drop Diabetes App provides a searchable large Food database or the ability to scan food barcodes to automatically assist you counting carbs and other nutrition data relevant to diabetes blood glucose level management.

>Exercise Routine Tracking to Assist With Diabetes Management.

Automatically tracks exercise using your phone’s pedometer. Sync data from other apps via Apple Health or GoogleFit, and directly connect your FitBit.

> Apple Watch Compatible.

>Track additional Biomedical factors related to Diabetes

Weight & Blood Pressure are important biomedical factors to track in relation to developing diabetes.

>Purchase additional Diabetes Specific Education with CDE on Carb Counting & more

Coaching Programs over 7-9 weeks focussing on topics important to diabetes management like Advanced Carb Counting & Diabetes On Track.



>One Drop Diabetes Management App

Advanced AI assisted Blood Glucose Level Forecasting with automated decision support providing suggestions on food & exercise to keep blood sugars levels within normal range lowering overall A1C.
Track & log Blood Sugar levels / Blood Glucose levels , Food intake, Exercise, Diabetes Medication & append diabetes relevant notes. Holistic diabetes management approach with digital diabetes logbook storage with a linked cloud account.
Automatic Glucose Level /Blood Sugar Level Pattern recognition correlated with food / exercise / diabetes medication / insulin. Analyse your diabetes monitoring history using the 7,14, 30 & 90 day period reports.
Set important diabetes event reminders.

>Apple Health Compatible, Withings Compatible

Integrates through the One Drop Diabetes App with Apple Health Kit & Withings.

>Fixed Price Diabetes Plans available in-app supporting different Long Term Usage & Cost options.

Automatically Test Strip usage & supply tracking & triggering deliveries.
Customizable fixed Price Plans featuring unlimited test strips offering , Certified Diabetes Expert (CDE) coaching & Diabetes education.

>Diabetes Management Support & Options to Collaborate with Healthcare Team or Diabetes Expert Coach.

Share 90-day Blood Glucose Reports ( before & after meal values) with Healthcare team from within Diabetes App.
On-line video tutorials available on Diabetes Monitor & App usage.
Certified Diabetes Expert Coaching included with paid Monthly Diabetes Package.
Additional Paid Diabetes Education Coaching Course Options with a certified Diabetes Coach over a 7-9 week period such as:


Design & Specifications

>What’s included in this Diabetes Testing Kit?
Diabetes Monitor, 25 Test Strips, 10 Lancets, Lancing Device & Carry Case.

>Test Accuracy & reliability
Glucose level monitoring Blood sample size of 0.5µL required. Clinically tested and FDA approved. 95% of blood glucose tests within 15% YSI laboratory tests which is the current ISO Standard.

>Technology Overview
Bluetooth Glucometer with data synchronisation via compatible bluetooth enabled Apple watch, iPhone & Android smartphones via the One Drop diabetes management App. Memory capable of storing 300 blood glucose levels and control solution test results with date, time. Blood Glucose meter requires 2 x 3V CR2032 batteries.

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