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MINDBODY App : Search & Book fitness classes & wellness Appt, no matter where you are in the world


Find & Trial a variety of fitness classes, expand your exercise routine knowledge in a fully equipped ‘gym near me’ or ‘studio near me’.
-Be guided in your workout plan by a fitness instructor / workout trainer to help you achieve your fitness goals.
-Take advantage of value ‘Trial offers’ in a ‘gym near me’ or ‘studio near me’ today without needing a gym membership or gym equipment.

Mindbody: Home Workout & Fitne
Mindbody: Home Workout & Fitne


Find, book and join a fitness class lead by a qualified fitness instructor / workout trainer in ‘gyms near me’ and ‘studios near me’ in over 2500+ locations globally.

Discover and book local fitness classes to get you started on your journey to reaching your fitness goals with motivational workouts to help you get in shape, increase your cardio, train for strength, increase your calories burned or watch your weight / BMI / body fat percentage for a healthy weight.
Easily explore the largest selection of studios, fitness classes and deals all in one place.
Discover that new fitness class that you love and works for you, no matter where you are!.

>Find Fitness Classes near you by category : Yoga Class, Spinning class, barre class, pilates class, Hiit workout, Crossfit, bootcamps

Discover new fitness classes that target new muscle groups with new exercise routines, exercising abs, exercising lower back, exercising to lose belly fat, exercise for flexibility, exercise for muscle strengthening, bodyweight exercises, dumbbells exercises, cardio exercise, stretching, body fit bootcamp, crossfit wod, kettle bell workouts, workout for butts, low impact exercise, high intensity work out, fitness bike exercising, powercore yoga, pilates reformer exercising and more
From yoga to bootcamp and barre, search and instantly compare fitness instructor lead fitness classes in your area.

>Find a new fitness Class for to fit your schedule all in one place:

Explore new fitness classes or book your favourite fitness class with the easy-to-use date and time filters of workout classes locally.

>Find Fitness Class ‘Value’ Offers: Find & Book the best introductory offers and deals close to you.

Drop in, show up and choose from thousands of fitness classes, with no gym memberships or lock-in commitments so you can drop in at a nearby gym or try a new fitness class at a great price.

>Find Fitness Classes with Reviews.

Know a workout class rating before you book with real reviews from verified fitness class users.

>Apple health compatible, Fitbit compatible.

Track your fitness class activities, and connect your fitness tracker to see calories burned, class performance and more with the activity dashboard.

>Also find Wellness services for relaxation, rehab, meditation & more.

You’ll find a range of wellness service providers to help you need to elevate your health and wellness.

>Look inside the Workout Finder / Fitness Class Finder App

  • Mindbody: Home Workout & Fitne Screenshot
  • Mindbody: Home Workout & Fitne Screenshot
  • Mindbody: Home Workout & Fitne Screenshot
  • Mindbody: Home Workout & Fitne Screenshot
  • Mindbody: Home Workout & Fitne Screenshot
  • Mindbody: Home Workout & Fitne Screenshot

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